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June 3, 2005

Matra BCD: Building Operational Capacity for a Decentralised Government in Romania

Workshop - Sharing Experience On Decentralisation

Information on Matra BCD Project: matra_brochure.pdf [121K]

Within the Matra BCD Project took place the workshop on „Sharing Experience on Decentralization” on Thursday, June 2nd 2005. There were present more than 70 participants representing local and central level institutions, which debated the documents elaborated within the project. These documents are the decentralization strategies for 3 public services (water supply, social housing and employment), as well as the e-learning course on decentralization and local empowerment.

The workshop introduced the specific aspects of these services in EU countries, giving an overview on legal framework, national policies, operational issues, etc. The three decentralization strategies (regarding the three selected services) were presented as well. The workshop continued with a debating session, and the participants had the opportunity of asking and answering questions, making suggestions and recommendations regarding the documents.

The project team wishes to thank all participants for being part of this workshop and for their valuable contributions.

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