Citește în română: Aniversare 20 ani

2014: 20 years of urban management

For its 20th anniversary, IHS Romania organized at OAR, 19 Pictor Verona str. in Bucharest, a professional meeting on the topic “The city is dead! Long live the city!”

In this context, Sorina Racoviceanu and Nicolae Taralunga presented important moments from the 20 years experience and launched the brochure of the projects portfolio.

The participants, urban actors – private and public sector representatives, stressed some city development issues of this period, formulating a message for its future. Their messages converge to the idea that a city lives when the community gathers around something valuable, and finds a sense in being there.

presentation_ihs_20_years.pdf [8M]

ihs-1994-2014.pdf [6M]

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