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Project name: Refresher Course "Meeting Demand: Capital Investment Programmes: A vital element of municipal financial management in selected Central and Eastern European Countries"
Beneficiary: IHS alumni
Contracting agency: IHS, Rotterdam
Financing agency: NUFFIC, The Netherlands
Country: Albania
City/location: Tirana
Partners: Co-Plan, Tirana
Project type: Training
Contract date: November 2008
Main themes: Capital investment programs
Workmonths: 1 month
Project description:

Bring together ex-participants to IHS training programs (IHS Alumni) from Central and Eastern European Countries, in order to share experience and get new information in the field of multisectoral investment planning and to link planning with the EU financial instruments.

Description of IHS Romania SRL activities:
  • Develop and organise training sessions in the field of multi-sectoral planning, public finance, and EU structural funds.
  • Organise exercises and co-ordinate group work
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