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Project name: Local Economic Development Strategy – Limanu
Beneficiary: Limanu Municipality
Contracting agency: S.C. Planwerk S.R.L.
Financing agency: Ministry of Tourism, Transportation and Constructions
Country: Romania
City/location: Limanu, Constanta County
Project type: Consultancy
Contract date: January 2005
Main themes: Local economic development
Workmonths: 2 months
Project description:

Formulate the local economic development strategy for 2005-2020, within the process of renewing the General Urban Plan

Description of IHS Romania SRL activities:
  • Develop the general audit of the economic development factors, and identify characteristics and future development trends
  • Formulate development vision, strategic objectives and spatial options of the development
  • Formulate policies, programmes and sector projects
  • Propose strategy’s implementation calendar and operationalization conditions
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