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Project name: Background Studies on Development Corridors in the Metropolitan Areas of Ist Rank Cities Pilot Study: Oradea Metropolitan Area
Beneficiary: Oradea Metropolitan Area
Contracting agency: SC Proiect Bihor SA
Financing agency: Ministry of Transportations, Constructions and Tourism
Country: Romania
City/location: Oradea
Project type: Consultancy
Contract date: October 2004
Main themes: Metropolitan cooperation for land development
Workmonths: 1.5 months
Project description:

Develop Zonal Urban Plans for areas located on the development corridors within Oradea Metropolitan Area, on the land of several administrative units

Description of IHS Romania SRL activities:
  • Identify the existing policies, and methodologies on a national and international level concerning metropolitan cooperation for land development
  • Analyze the terms of the signed protocol between mayors of the localities from the Oradea Metropolitan Area and the create, in accordance to the zoning regulation, the package of programs and projects for the development of the metropolitan area

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