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Project name: Support to the Development of an Investment Programme for the rehabilitation of historical city areas in Romania
Beneficiary: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
Contracting agency: EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd. (Poland)
Financing agency: EIB/Jaspers Unit
Country: Romania
City/location: Bucharest
Project type: Consultancy
Contract date: July 2013
Main themes: Rehabilitation of historical city areas - planning and finance
Workmonths: 60 days
Project description:

Outline a strategy for a proper approach of the historical city areas rehabilitation in the next programming period, identify the criteria for the definition of individual projects and formulate ToR’s for the preparation of projects

Description of IHS Romania SRL activities:

Urban planning expertise and local coordination of the project activities:

  • Task 1: Review of ERDF funding for the restoration of historical city areas in Romania
  • Task 2: Develop a set of options for the development of a funding strategy for such interventions
  • Task 3: Criteria for definition of individual interventions
  • Task 4: Typical scope of the works / identification of eligible interventions
  • Task 5: Basis for the estimation of the expected economic and financial feasibility of the investments
  • Task 6: Workshop with stakeholders
  • Task 7: Criteria for contractors for design works
  • Task 8: Criteria for contractors for restoration works
  • Task 9: Required structure for Project Implementation Units in municipalities; staff qualification and work description
  • Task 10: Prepare a draft ToR for the projects preparation ( technical documentation, feasibility studies, tender documents and guides for the design, implementation and supervision of works)
  • Task 11: Definition and identification of a qualitative / mature pipeline of projects
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