Citește în română: Sistemul Urban Baia Mare
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Project name: Baia Mare Urban System
Beneficiary: Baia Mare Municipality
Contracting agency: INCD Urbanproiect
Financing agency: Baia Mare Municipality
Country: Romania
City/location: Baia Mare
Project type: Consultancy
Contract date: January 2006
Main themes: Development strategy, institutional development, metropolitan cooperation
Workmonths: 9 months
Project description:

Formulate the territorial development strategy, in the regional and national context, in order to:

  • Develop an economically competitive territory
  • Reduce the existent socio-economical disparities (stimulate the development of economic functions, avoid social inequities, develop productive functions, prevent social and environmental negative effects, and insure security in case of natural disasters)
Description of IHS Romania SRL activities:
  • Elaboration of the institutional development scheme, the incorporation act and the statute of Baia Mare Urban System Association;
  • Elaboration of Baia Mare Urban System development strategy, formulating the vision, and strategic objectives, and the package of policies, programs and projects, as a basis for structural funds accession;
  • Elaboration of the financial model for the implementation of priority projects, proposed for structural funds, through the analysis of the system co-financing capacity.
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