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Project name: Commercial Marketing Study: Republicii Street - Oradea
Beneficiary: Oradea Local Council
Contracting agency: SC Pro-Arh SRL
Financing agency: Oradea Local Council
Country: Romania
City/location: Oradea
Project type: Consultancy
Contract date: April 1999
Main themes: Marketing comercial
Workmonths: 3 months
Project description:

Develop the revitalization plan for the commercial and inhabited area on Republicii Street, and the related regulations, in order to increase the centre’s attractiveness, better use the municipal assets and raise the tax base as income source for the local budget

Description of IHS Romania SRL activities:
  • Analize the market tendencies, through analysis of urban functions demand and supply in the area 
  • List the urban functions permitted and forbidden in the area
  • Formulate the strategic directions for the revitalisation programme implementation
  • Identify partnership alternatives for the institutional development
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